Psoriasis Ointment

Psoriasis Ointment


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My son Nick said the ointment was the best he has ever used. He has had psoriasis for six years and this is the first time his hand and and legs have no sign of psoriasis. Do you have any idea how much I have spent of dr.s and creams for him! Best Stuff Ever

Stephanie H Frenchtown NJ

I have severe psoriasis on my hands and feet, and this nutritive ointment is WONDERFUL!!! It soothes the inflammation and keeps the flaking down. It's wonderful for rough skin on elbows. I HIGHLY recommend this marvelous product!!!

Lawrence B Doylestown OH

I've been battling dry psoriasis, especially on my hands and especially in winter, for 20 years. I've spent hundreds of dollars each winter searching for a product that would keep my cuticles from cracking and bleeding, the tips of my fingers from developing painful fissures. This ointment has been amazing!! Recommend to all.

Beth C Oakland MD

When I first used it, I thought it was horrible because it is a little bit greasy. But then, I found that it really works on my hand. Smooth & silky unlike anything I have ever tried it last all day relieving the itch and redness.

Martin H Rutherfordton NC

This is awesome very thick ointment, use very little. Not much is needed to make skin feel smooth. I started using this on my psoriasis patches on my arms and it's amazing how quickly this moisturizes them. Well worth every penny.

Angela J Charlotte NC

This nutritive product is EXTREMELY rich, and kind of greasy, which is just what you'd expect from an ointment. It does what it claims it will do. Worth trying.

Gloria A Orangevale CA


Intensive Ointment with Ucuuba and Andiroba. Our psoriasis ointment does not contain any water, mineral oil or petrolatum. This ointment is formulated with only nutritive plant butters and oils that are quickly absorbed to soak deep into the thickest patches and scales and begin providing instant comfort. Enhanced with herbal extracts of Plantain and Calendula, these plant essences help moisturize and soothe dry itchy and inflamed skin. The softening of Shea, Ucuuba, Mango and deep penetrating, soothing of Cranberry Seed, Foraha and Borage help scales to fall off while reducing irritation and redness from dryness. These nutritive emollients penetrate to the deepest levels to soothe and soften scales.


Ingredients for psoriasis made by nature. Gentle, non-irritating all nutritive psoriasis formula. Nutritive rich ointment for psoriasis made fresh in the USA. Non-greasy, it absorbs quickly into your skin to begin working. Cranberry Seed and Mango Butter are vitamin rich moisturizers.No Mineral Oil, No Petrolatum, No Silicone, No Alcohol, No Fillers. Calendula Flower herbal extract calms, softens dry itchy, callused skin. Reduce scaling caused by psoriasis and softens skin for a healthier appearance. Helps alleviate symptoms of psoriasis with nutritive ingredients that soothe and calm. Soothing and moisturizes for skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis.

How to Use

During the day, apply as needed. Apply generously at night, massaging gently over skin. Use immediately after showering or bathing for even better results.


Shea Butter, Cranberry Seed Oil, Kokum Butter, Foraha (Tamanu) Oil, Mango Butter, Plantain Extract, Jojoba Oil, Orange Jewelweed Extract, Licorice Extract, Calendula Flower Extract, Birch Essential Oil, Sangre de Grado Tree Extract, Borage Seed Oil, White Willow Bark Extract, Oregano Essential Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Camphor Root Extract, Neem Extract, Vitamin E.

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