Psoriasis Soap

Psoriasis Soap


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I have had psoriasis for years. Been to doctors and specialists. Used prescriptions and everything else. This worked for me. I am clear now after only using this soap for two months. Try it, cheaper than seeing a doctor!

Heidi K Woodinville WA

The only soap I can use for my daughter! Contains no perfumes. Soothes her skin when it's inflamed.

Edith D Arlington TX

I have a bad case of psoriasis on my hands which causes them to crack very badly. I tried other soaps and they would always dry out my hands which made it worse. Since using this nutritive soap my hands have improved. Great product would recommend anyone with very dry skin or psoriasis to try it and see what a difference it makes.

John S Astoria NY


Gayle A San Jose CA

I LOVE this soap!!! I have psoriasis and I always have problems finding a soap for my super sensitive skin. Love the fact it is botanical and unscented. I have often get a rash from scented harsh chemical soaps. No more rashes with this gentle soap.

Linda G New York NY

This product is great, i use it twice a day morning and night. My skin feels soft and clean after using this soap. Great for ones who have sensitive skin, because it calms and soothes the flare ups.

Julia S South River NJ

My skin is soft and smooth. I started using it on my face too. The skin on my face is so soft. Other soaps would make my face dry and itchy. It doesn't leave a film on the tub like other nutritive soaps I have tried. Many nutritive soaps don't lather well, not this one! It is a keeper for sure.

Lynda C Palo IA


Made with Rich Emollients to Soothe Itchy, Dry Skin. Soap is the most important part of skin care. It can improve or aggravate your psoriasis. Simply changing to a nutritive soap has cleared long lasting skin problems. Many cleansers and soaps have chemicals that cause irritation that make skin drier, itchy and prolong flare ups. Some gentle cleansers contain sodium chloride better known as salt. This soap makes thick creamy lather to gently cleanse without damaging the skin's barrier and is mild, even for sensitive skin. With rich emollients from Avocado and Shea to soften and soothe itchy, extra dry skin. Fragrance free.


Many beauty or cleansing bars cannot legally be called or advertised as soaps because they are detergents. Most commercial soap makers chose their materials based on cost rather than their ability to cleanse, moisturize or protect your skin. These soaps are made from food industry waste such as lard or tallow. Lard and tallow renderings are obtained after cattle are butchered and the fat waste is removed.Sodium Tallowate usually is the number one ingredient in commercial soaps, which is the processed tallow or fat from a meat packing plant. Not a pleasant thought when taking a shower or washing your hands.

How to Use

After washing, soap should be allowed to air dry. Do not let soap sit in water. Place in a dish to allow it to dry after each use. This will help it last longer.


Avocado Fruit Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Butter, Palm Kernel Oil, Olive Fruit Oil, Palm Oil, CastorBean Oil Saponified, Grape SeedExtract, Green Tea Extract, Oregano Oil, Licorice Root Extract, Mountain Grape Barberry Extract, Helichrysum Essential Oil, Manuka Oil.

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