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I have extremely sensitive skin and this soap was non irritating and did not dry or flake out my skin. I am in love with the nutritive scent! It is very gentle on my skin and moisturizes my skin! I even use it on my face at times and my face feels very clean and glows!

Marjorie E Cincinnati OH

This nutritive soap is fantastic! It lathers very well, lasts a long time, cleans well, and smells great. I've used it on my face as well as my body. It is a true scent, smells very nutritive - because it is. I absolutely LOVE IT.

Sue C San Diego CA

This is the ONLY soap I will use now, plain and simple. I buy this nutritive soap and I use it for just about everything. I have sensitive skin, and this soap doesn't irritate it at all. You can dilute the liquid soap with water to make it last longer, and it still works great. This soap isn't slimy or filmy, and it leaves your skin feeling clean, because it IS clean!

Sandra P Gaithersburg MD

This is truly an outstanding soap. No soap has ever been so refreshing, and this one does it in a very remarkable way. It's hard to explain - buy one and see yourself.

Shannon M San Jose CA

I am a 38 year old African American Woman, with what I thought was dry skin. That was until I started using this nutritive soap. I have been using the soap for 4 weeks now. This soap left my skin soft, clean, and moisturized! The soap smells fresh and clean. I will continue to buy and use JustNatural soap love it!

Diana M Washington DC


Handmade Soap Made with Nutritive & botanical Ingredients Uplifting and skin softening, this moisturizing nutritive soap has a rich exotic aroma of a blend of vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. With succulent fruity notes of tropical citrus that creates a voluptuous olfactory sensation. Perfect for sensitive skin, and the ideal way to gently cleanse and moisturize for all skin types.Beautiful, simple and good for your skin. Truly a favorite of all.


Most commercial soap manufacturers chose their raw materials based on cost rather than their ability to cleanse, protect, or moisturize your skin. These soaps are made from by-products of the meat industry, such as lard or tallow. Lard and tallow renderings are obtained after cattle are butchered and the fat waste is removed, which is then sold to these soap companies. Don’t believe it ? Look for Sodium Tallowate on the ingredient list of your favorite commercial soap. This is made from tallow or animal fat. Yuck! JustNatural soaps are cold crafted to retain the nutritive glycerin which results in a soap that naturally protects and moisturizes your skin to make bathing a delight. Our soaps are unusually moisturizing, high lathering and gently cleanse while lubricating your skin with rich nutritiveplant oils and butters. We use the finest nutritive/organic plant oils and butters to make our soaps rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, that help your skin to restore itself.

How to Use

After washing, soap should be allowed to air dry. Do not let soap sit in water. Keep in a dish to allow drying after each use. This will keep your soap harder and longer lasting.


Avocado Fruit Oil, Passion Fruit Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Illipe Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Butter, Castor Bean Oil Saponified, Nutritive Herbal Colorants and Essential Oil Fragrance Blend, Cucumber Peel Extract.

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