Grow New Hair Treatment

Grow New Hair Treatment


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This stuff stopped my hair from falling off. VERY surprised it worked. Never thought I could find something that could help my hair. I have actually grown back most of my hair that I lost due to damage and stress.

Kelly D Guilford IN

I've been using this nutritive hair loss product for about 6 weeks now and I have noticed that I'm losing less hair in the shower and it does make my hair feel fuller. Recommend it.

Wilda M Bloomfield NJ

First time I used this nutritive hair treatment I wasn't so sure. The more I use it the more I like it. This really has made some difference on top of my head where the hair is thinning. Hair appears thicker and less hair is left in the drain after using it. Very good and fully worth the money!

Rhonda N Manokotak AK

This product is the best for hair loss. I've been using it for 2 years now and my hair growth has been amazing. I even use it on my daughters to ensure that the daily stress that they put on their hair doesn't result in hair loss. I highly recommend this product. I love that it is Botanical .

Andrea L Mechanicsville VA

I had a massive hair shedding thanks to meds, my hair looks great and the thinning unnoticeable to anyone but myself. This botanical oil treatment for new hair certainly made my hair look full while I was dealing with the loss. I now have a lot of new hair growth and will continue using this as I love how it makes my hair look.

Myra S Raleigh NC


Encourage Your Scalp To Grow Longer, Fuller Hair Faster

Chemicals in hair products, excessive styling methods, stress, hormonal changes, medicines, and nutrition are some factors that can cause hair follicles to become inactive and inhibit growth. Hair follicles may come back into a healthy growth cycle when the factor which caused them to become dormant is removed. However, once hair follicles die, the loss is permanent.

This formula helps your hair remain healthy with nutrient-rich ingredients for thicker, fuller hair with less breakage. Nutrient-rich extracts and essential fatty acids will help hair look and be its very best. Perfect for sustaining continued renewal and growth of healthy hair.


Safe, nutritive and botanical formula made fresh in the USA. Gentle enough for daily use. Nature’s best authentic, nutritive and botanical ingredients provide nutrients with vitamins that feed and moisturize your hair follicles and scalp. Leave-in treatment moisturizes and soothes dry scalps, strengthens hair, and continuously assists hair follicles. Feeds follicles with nutrients, minerals and vitamins while stimulating circulation. Helps revive dormant follicles and promote healthy hair growth, soothing and calming scalps. Nutritive oils gently block the hair loss hormone DHT from affecting follicles with a nutritive, lightweight and moisturizing barrier. Lightly conditions for soft, manageable hair. Use sparingly; a little goes a long way.

How to Use

Shake before use.

It is always best to have your scalp clean and without buildup before use.

Open your hair roots with your fingers, leaving the scalp clear to apply the treatment.

Leave in for 2 to 3 hours or overnight.

Wash, condition and style as usual.

For best results, use sparingly and as desired. A very small amount will go a long way.


•  This treatment can be used daily. We suggest using this product at least twice a week.

•   This product can be used on wet or dry hair and can be used a leave-in treatment.

•   Part your hair into 4 to 8 different sections and distribute the oil into the part of the hair for even coverage.

•   Spray the product into your hand or a small bowl and apply a small amount with your fingertips to control greasiness.


Avocado Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Hazelnut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sweet Orange Blossom Essential Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Ylang Ylang Flower Oil, Cedarwood Bark Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil, Chia Seed Oil, Flaxseed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Clary Essential Oil, Rosemary Leaf Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Manuka Oil, Arnica, Burdock Root Extract, Comfrey Root Powder, Eleuthero Root Extract, Gingko Biloba Extract, Green Tea Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Horsetail Extract, Licorice Root Extract, Muria Puama Extract, Nettle Extract, Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract, Panthenol Vitamin B5.

$ 42.99