Sports All Days Shampoo

Sports All Days Shampoo


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I love this products. Really like this shampoo, lathers really well. I've been trying to make the switch to safer products but sometimes the shampoos in that category don't help with removing the oil in my hair or don't really get a great lather. I love the shampoo sports all days and the leave-in conditioner. Started initially using it only after pool workouts, then slowly transitioned to using it every day. I am very pleased with the way their products are not only friendly for the environment, but are also good for your skin and hair.

Pollie J Canyon TX

I have tried many shampoos to clear my skin and make my scalp feel healthy. I swim in a saltwater pool a three times a week, and I love how these products remove the salt residue from my hair and leave it feeling soft and clean. This is a truly great shampoo, and I would recommend it not just for swimmers, but also for the normal use. This shampoo really works. It leaves my hair soft and easy to comb. I have definitely noticed the difference in my hair - not frizzy, not dry, but not over-conditioned. It's a well-made product.

Taylor A Naples FL

I love this shampoo because it removes the chlorine when you shower. I do pool therapy many times a week and the chlorine was drying out my skin which was already dry. I bought it to see if it would clear up my scalp irritation and it worked right away. I appreciate that these are high quality and aren't tested on animals.

Mary S Verona PA


Daily Deep Cleansing with Moisture for All Hair Types. Designed for active hard-working men and women to look and feel great every day. Gently removes every day buildup, oil and dirt for a clean that leaves hair healthy looking and your scalp refreshed. Moisture is replenished to your hair and scalp with lightweight Avocado oil while shine and manageability is enhanced with Camellia Seed oil. Rinses out fast and clean and leaves no residues, leaving hair strong smooth, with a luscious healthy shine.


Everyday use, nutritive essentials replenish and nourish hair to maintain health, strength and shine. Thoroughly cleanses without removing hair's nutritive softeners and oils. Gently removes build-up while calming and balancing the scalp without leaving residue. Helps repair damaged hair, increasing both shine and suppleness Balanced formula is ideal as it gently restores balance to scalp and hair follicles, and cleanses all hair types. Lightweight Camellia Seed and Pomegranate Seed oils absorb quickly into hair restore moisture and sheen to hair. Free of mineral oil, silicones, petroleum jelly which can create scalp build up or clog follicles. Nature’s best nutritive and botanical ingredients provide nutrients with vitamins which feed and hydrate your hair and scalp. Anti-fade color safe formula keeps hair color longer with our chloride free and sulfate free shampoo. It is gentle enough for daily use.

Sulfate Free - Color Safe - Nutritive & botanical - Silicone Free - No Chemicals - No Parabens - Chloride Free - Gluten Free - Handmade Fresh- Scalp Soothing - Non-Medicated

How to Use

Shake well before use. Wet hair thoroughly.Massage the Shampoo into your hair. Lather and leave on hair and scalp for a few minutes so that the active ingredients have time to work . Rinse thoroughly. For best results use at least twice weekly and follow with JustNatural Conditioner.Apply liberally as often as needed by smoothing over dry skin. Use immediately after bathing or washing for even better results. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.


Aloe Vera Hydrosol, Avocado Fruit Oil, Camellia Seed Oil, Orange Blossom Essential Oil, Coconut Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Nutritive cleansers, Rosemary Essential Oil, Tangerine Essential Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Caprylyl Glycol, Guar Gum, Cellulose, Panthenol Vitamin B5.

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