Dog Shampoo Skin Calming Oatmeal

Dog Shampoo Skin Calming Oatmeal


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I have only used this shampoo ONCE on my Pitbull and I was VERY impressed. No matter what shampoo I’ve used before, he typically tries to move away from me as I’ m bathing him, his shedding is horrible, he has flakes from I assume his dry skin, and he scratches and digs at his dry skin. However, as soon as I applied this shampoo, he moved towards me and started licking me. Sign one this stuff must be better. He hasn’t been scratching nearly as much as what he used to. There are no more flakes and his shedding has been nonexistent. This shampoo is thick and smells great. I am beyond happy that it looks like I FINALLY have found a shampoo that works for my fur baby!



Bring Soothing Relief to Your Dog’s Dry Itchy , Red and Irritated Skin. Oats have a long history of being valued for skin care dating back to the ancient Greeks and Romans who used oat baths to heal skin ailments. Oatmeal has been used for centuries as a soothing agent to relieve skin itch and irritation. Colloidal Oatmeal is a nutritive product has amazing benefits for the skin. Colloidal oatmeal is made from oats that are ground into fine particles that can sit close to the skin. Its properties make colloidal oatmeal a cleanser, moisturizer and a soothing and protective anti-inflammatory agent. Giving your dog a bath with this nutritive oatmeal shampoo can help bring soothing relief to your dog’s dry itchy or red and irritated skin.


Made in USA. All ingredients listed. naturally gentle pH balanced formula. Sulfate free. Made with nutritive cleansers. No dyes, No silicone, No salt (sodium chloride) No artificial fragrances, No parabens. Coconut and Meadowfoam Seed oils are vitamin rich skin and coat moisturizers. Licorice and Sarsaparilla botanical extracts helps to calm and soothe skin irritations. Its thick nutritive lather of bubbles and suds will not wash off flea and tick products. Soothing Aloe Vera and Foraha oil moisturize and comfort skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth and protected. Calendula botanical extract calms minor skin irritations. This nutritive skin calming oatmeal shampoo with Coconut and Meadowfoam Seed oils moisturizes to leave the coat soft smooth and shiny with Vitamin E to help improve your dog’s skin with vitamin rich hydration. Sweet Orange Blossom essential oil is a safe nutritive ingredient that adds the wonderful scent of fresh sweet orange blossoms. This skin calming shampoo is sulfate free made from the gentlest bio-degradable nutritive cleanser and make lots of thick creamy lather that will soothe and moisturize your dog’s skin.

Sulfate Free - Color Safe - Nutritive & botanical - Silicone Free - No Chemicals - No Parabens - Chloride Free - Gluten Free - Handmade Fresh- Scalp Soothing - Non-Medicated

How to Use

Wet the coat completely with water. Apply shampoo gently, work back to the tail. Lather well into coat. Avoid eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. Safe for dogs and puppies over 6 weeks old. Happy sudsing!


Aloe Vera Hydrosol, Nutritive cleanser made from Coconut Oil- Decyl glucoside, Colloidal Oatmeal, Foraha Oil, Calendula Extract, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Coconut Oil, Orange Blossom Essential Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Protein, Caprylyl Glycol, Guar Gum, Panthenol Vitamin B5.

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